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Vision 2023 is JOGS goal to contest at future ENTOG council meeting to be the 2023 ENTOG exchange host.

Contesting to be an ENTOG exchange host has become a pretty competitive process as it is a great honour and opportunity to host this.

We have a 3-step plan to make this happen: 

  1. Spread awareness on what ENTOG/ EBCOG can do for us

  2. Participate in One2One Exchange Project as a visiting trainee or host a trainee

  3. Host a Mini Exchange Project in Dublin (tentative plans) to work out the logistics on a smaller scale


Ireland joined ENTOG in 2007 and has never hosted an annual exchange!

To name a few of what we have to offer:

  • We have world-class O&G consultants

  • We have top-notch midwifery-led clinics; midwives who work alongside with us, not for us – which is a unique relationship not every country in Europe has

  • We have one of the highest fertility rate in Europe which translates to a high birth rate

  • We still practice both vacuum and forceps delivery; which are great skills that are already lost in some countries

  • To some degree, we still practice breech vaginal delivery.

  • English is the first language here; and also happens to be most spoken second language in Europe – so there’s no lost in translation experience for anyone visiting!

  • We have an organised O&G trainee network that many other countries do not have.

It is past time that we share this with our European colleagues and also learn from them!

Hosting an ENTOG exchange brings other European trainees to us, giving the opportunity for more of our own Irish trainees to network and form the basis for future collaboration!

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Vision 2023: Text
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